Versace Inspired

I recently got a project for my Fashion Experience class. I had to recreat a garment(of my choice) into something that inspired me from the designer I was given (Versace). I actually looked a lot into Gianni’s and Donatella’s designs and even did some research on their inspirations before I started mine. When I came across the Versace Fall/Winter 2010 collection, I immediately liked it. Then I later found out through a blog that Donatella’s inspiration was based off Alice in Wonderland. I went back once again to take another look at the collection and it made perfect scense; the patterns, colors, and textures all went together.

The idea of Alice in Wonderland mixed with the sleek and sexy styles of Versace got me inspired to created my own. So for my project, I recreated a purple one strap dress that I bought from WetSeal on sale for $1. I cut of the one strap, made the neckline into a sweetheart shape, and then embellished the top with strips that I hand cut and ruffled from different shades of purple shirts. Embellishing the dress itself with the ruffled strips was a lot of hard work. I stayed up long nights to do all the hand sewing, using a cross stitch to personalize and make it unique. I poked my fingers with the needle plenty of times to the point where my fingers look hideous (that is why I hate hand sewing) and I probably sewed the zipper over fifteen times to the point where I wanted to give up. But with the motivation of finishing this painful dress, I resewed that zipper as many times as I had to and I let my fingers be poked as many times as they were. After the zipper was finally sewn on right, I attached a longer bottom piece to add a sexy look to it. Through all the hard work and late nights, the finished product was great. There are some things I want to change or fix but I don’t think I want to work anymore than I did on this dress. Here’s a picture of my hardwork. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Holiday Gift Guide $25 & Under

It’s the holidays and it’s time to give. Finding the perfect but affordable gift is always the hardest. Wither its something to keep warm, or something as simple as a lotion, everyone has different preferences. To make it simple, here are some of my favorite and affordable gifts under $25 for her. It could be anything from a necklace to some tights. Enjoy the shopping season, with only 14 days to go till Christmas day!

1. Forever21 Fringe Chain-Link Necklace $15.80
2. Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Accordian Wallet $18
3. Aries Patchwork Boxers $14.95
4. Wet Seal Gathered Strappy Heel $15
5. Aldo Raimondi Hat $12
6. Aldo Tototzintle Knit Gloves $15
7. Forever21 Rosette Leg Warmers $10.80
8. Victorias Secret Nior Mini Gift Set $15
9. Aldo Cornett Hat $25

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The Little Black Dress

What is more sexy but sophisticated at the same time than the little black dress? I always find it hard to find a dress for a wedding, event, or party, but I end up digging up my one and only little black dress that I know will never fail me. It works for every occasion and I can never go wrong. With the holiday parties in full swing, I gathered together some never failing little black dresses. Wither you want to go with straps or without them, with a more fitted dress or a loose fit, or wither you want to be more girly or more glitzy, these will sure to make your holidays perfect!

1. Top Shop Velvet Dress By Boutique £125.00
2. American Eagle Party Dress $39.50
3. Delias Sequin Dress $59.50
4. Wet Seal Tier Tube Mini Dress $21.50
5. Top Shop Black Silk Open Back Dress by Boutique £95.00
6. All Saints Viola Corset Dress $250.00
7. All Saints Cayatte Dress $120.00
8. Haute Hippi Ruffled Strapless Mini Dress $495
9. See By Chloe Cotton-blend Jacquard Dress $234

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One Of A Kind Dresses

Lace and Ruffles:

This dress was designed by me. My mom was doing a fashion show for the New Years last year and wanted me to come up with some designs and this was one of them. I really liked the idea of lace and ruffles and wanted to do a combination of both. The fabric is a white lace fabric and sparkly purple silk like fabric.


Spring Fling:

This dress I designed and made for my high school graduation ceremony. When I designed this dress, all I knew was that I wanted lots of flow, ruffles, and light colors. I took a trip to Joanns and the flower fabric was the first thing I saw and feel in love with. Finding a color to go with it was easy; I already knew that it had to be yellow. The outcome of this dress was amazing. I loved every aspect of it. I loved the color and how everything fit so well together along with the one strap and the ruffles that didn’t overwhelm the dress all as one. Even looking back at it now, I love it even more but I know I’ll never wear it again.


Jackie Kennedy Inspired:

For a while, I really wanted a dress like this. I looked around for something similar but never found exactly what I wanted, so instead I decided to make my own. My mom had bought this fabric a while back with intentions of making a garment but when I saw it, she let me use it because I loved it so much. I loved it because of its pale pink color, its hard but feminine texture, and how it had a tint of gold sparkles in it. It was the perfect fabric for what I was making. I also wanted to add a little edge to the dress, so I made it low cut at the back and added a bow. It turned out to be a classic but modern dress.

Sea Of Breeze:

This dress I made for my sister in about two hours. It was also the first dress I ever made. She wanted something that was comfortable and cute for the summer so I made her a strapless maxi dress. I  loved the fabric so much because it stood out when you wore it. It kind of reminded me of fireworks.


This dress my mom designed and made specifically for me. I had no idea she was making it until she made it. I was very honored that my mom made it for me and I really liked it. I loved how it was made out of traditional fabrics. She even knew that green was my favorite color so it was a plus. I liked the sweetheart cut across the chest and the semi-train at the bottom. I haven’t wore it anywhere yet, but I will eventually.

To say the least, my mom really inspires me to design and sew and out of all my sisters, I think shes really happy that at least one of us wants to pursue in this profession. I too am very happy that I get this from my mom, and that I always have her to go to when I need the help. Because of her, picking out fabrics and doing different sewing techniques come easy to me.

I’ve always thought of selling these dresses, or at least some of them but never really had a set price. Any suggestions?

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Laila Azhar Imitation

As I was going through old photos, I came upon this particular picture that I took  two years ago in a dress that me and my mom worked/made together for my senior homecoming dance. I never liked to shop for dresses because I hated the idea of going from store to store, having to try on multiple dresses that most of the time don’t fit me, and ending up just not getting anything to begin with. To make things simple, I would just skim through magazines and get ideas from it. I don’t remember what magazine I found the picture in, but I stumbled upon a photo of Taylor Swift in a short white one-strapped dress made by Laila Azhar. I loved the simplicity of the dress. For my imitation though, I chose to use a green fabric instead to bring out an edge to the dress. Here are my photos and a photo of the Laila Azhar dress worn by Taylor Swift.

I always like to look back on old photos to get inspiration.

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chef and chauffeur

This weekend I played chef for my parents and my two little sisters in our barely used and touched since my older sisters went off to college kitchen. Of course this only happened because for one; I wanted to be a sweet daughter this weekend, and two; I wanted to eat after going out late the night before. After searching the “whats all this in the frig? I don’t know what all this stuff is or how to cook this stuff” refrigerator, I took a drive to the nearest Asian market, Rhinos. Came home and ended up spending two hours whipping up some decent food. I also ended up being a chauffeur for my two little sisters although a trip to the mall was only suppose to be me, but after being asked a trillion times to go, I agreed and let them go. We went to some stores that were inside, but properly made our way outside (because it was an outside mall with side walks and streets) to where the weather was quite chilly and it definitely felt like Christmas. After my little sister pet the pink dog at Victoria’s Secret, and me spending $105 on panties, we went home singing to Katy Perry’s Firework. And talked about how great of a sister I am because I offered to buy them anything under $10. And how it was suppose to snow but of course the weather men/women always get paid to get the weather wrong. It was an unusual but pleasant weekend for me.

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Simple Make-up Must Haves

Although I’m not a girly girl and I barely wear make-up, there’s always that time that I just want to fill pretty, or I have an occasion that it’s needed for, or sometimes it’s just nice to have. I’m not a big fan of make-up; I like to be simple, rather plain at times,  so it takes a lot to impress me. Throughout my teen years, the only time I really remember wearing make-up was my freshmen year in high school. Now that I look back on old pictures, what was I thinking? To say the least, if you’re a plain but simple and a fresh Jane like me, you might like these must haves too!

1.Palladio Liquid Eyeliner Black-$5.99.
You can find this product at any Sally Beauty Supply. I never really or ever even stepped into a Sally’s until I worked there. This is the first liquid eyeliner that I really feel in love with. For me, regular pencil eyeliners don’t work on my face. They smear  and it just becomes a big mess. With this liquid eyeliner, it comes out smooth, it stays on and looks great. Another great thing about it is that its waterproof and it comes in different colors (for those who like dramatic looks).
2.Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour- $29.50.
Blush; there’s just something about it that gets me. I don’t usually spend this much money on any kind of make-up, but this one’s worth it. Although it’s small, it lasts a really long time. I got this three years ago when I went with my sister to get our make-up done at Boston Store for prom and I’ve had it since.  I love the fresh rosy look on the cheeks and it adds a girly type side to me. It also has glitter, which makes me love this blush even more!
3. Chap Stick Classic Strawberry. $1.18.
For the longest time that I could remember, I’ve been using chap sticks. I’m not a big fan of lipstick or lip gloss. For me, chap stick covers it all. It adds moisture and my lips just look way better without anything else.
4. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. $4.24.
I feel in love with this mascara a few years ago. It comes in like three or four different colors (black, brown, very black, blue) and I loved the blue. It added that edge to my eyes and I loved it when people realized that I have blue mascara on. This mascara is so great because it’s not too thick but not to thin. The flow of the mascara comes out just perfect and that’s what I like best about it.

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